Figure One -- this is the Instagram for Medicine.  This program website has been up since 2002 and has passed the billion image upload milestone.  The site is a classic social media site, for better or for worse.  There are very good community guidelines and clearly the site is edited as well, so only appropriate material is contained on the site which is good, but the search feature is somewhat limited.  It is interesting to browse "interesting cases" and there is an education there in and of itself, but in my experience it is limited in being able to look up a particular condition and find a number of examples for viewing.  There also is the community participation part of having folks comment on what might be the diagnosis, and in principle this might help in some difficult cases but it is really only pictures so not so sure how useful in practice this may be.  For residents and medical students, this would be a great educational tool.


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This site an attempt at simplifying the means to find medical applications and sources of information for use at the point of care primarily, but also as a means of keeping a finger on the pulse of medically related IT issues as well.  Over time we hope to accumulate reviews and various links that should make it easy for even the casual IT users to find materials they can use and rapidly download.  We seek to be a guide for your journey into the maze of the world wide web.

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If you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet, do it -- you will thank yourself - really! 

Unless of course your hospital or clinic runs software that is incompatible with anything other than Windows 7 on your check with your IT staff first.